Decking Construction & Installation

When value through quality matters more.


Enjoy walking from your kitchen onto a sunny back deck? 

We install custom decks that allow convenient transitions to the outside, and exterior living space for dining and relaxation. We use only high quality decking materials that looks great and holds up well to normal use. 

Our commitment to customer service means you get clear communication, a quick turnaround time, and a great experience with our team. 

In just a matter of weeks, you’ll be feeling the breeze out on your newly constructed deck!


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A high quality, beautiful deck starts with choosing the right techniques. When built properly, you can enjoy the deck for years to come without any issues of warping, splintering, or beam twists. 

We go above and beyond to use building techniques that exceed building codes. That ensures you get a heavily built, long lasting deck that stands the tests of time, weather, and the elements.

With a gorgeous deck like this, you’ll enjoy more time outside with your family!

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No glue on beam material. Secured using #12 penny nails only

Minimum requirements, ensures a low cost end product. Subject to beam twist and checking.

All beam 2x lumber laminated using construction adhesive. Laminated using #12 penny nails as well as exterior screws.

Secures beam lumber limiting future twist and separation.

Joist not trued or mechanically planed.

Subject to visible waves throughout decking.

All joist 2x lumber trued using mechanical planer.

Ensures constantly level decking throughout. Limits any visible decking waves.

No surface finishing or routing.

Ensures a low cost, poorly finished end product.

Bearing post edges finished and routed.

Enhances finished appearance and limits splinters.

Aluminum trim screws or brad nails used.

Subject to loose trim during expansion and contraction. Fast installation ensures a low cost end product.

Stainless steel trim screws.

Limits future corrosion. Ensures ongoing fastening. Limits trim board pop.

Surface screwed decking.

Subject to moisture infiltration. May void manufacturer warranty. Fast installation for low cost end product.

Hidden fasteners on all decking.

Does not penetrate cap stock or void warranty. Maintains manufacturer warranty.

Single front or flush mount beam.

Limits material cost, ensures a low cost end product. Subject to lateral movement.

All structures over 8' in height receive back beams.

Creates free standing structure, ensuring stability. Limits lateral sway and movement.

Ledger board Z flashing.

Minimum building requirements met. Ensures a low cost end product.

Ledger board Z flashing with underlayment.

Provides a double layer of weather protection to your home.


Aerial view of composite deck with paver patio and fire pit beneath | Frederick, MD
Two story White composite wood deck installed on rear of home | baldwin, md
Brown composite deckboards on stairway to ground | glen burnie, md
Deck with composite wood bar and stools | Glen Burnie, MD
small composite wood deck on rear of rancher home
Aerial view of composite deck. Fire Pit and paver patio beneath the deck. | Fallston, MD
composite trex wood deck with seating | Annapolis, MD
composite trex brown wood deck with dining furniture | woodbine, md
composite wood deck and privacy wall installed on rear of home | White Marsh, MD
Gray composite decking surface with white posts and black pickets | Annapolis, md
Ground view of new composite deck on rear of home with patio and fire pit beneath | Perry Hall, MD
White single story composite deck built on rear of home | New Market, Frederick County, MD

How long are warranties on decking?

Out decking projects have a 3 year warranty on labor plus a 2-35 year manufacturer's warranty on the decking material.

How soon can you start my decking project?

Your project will be scheduled within the next available time slot. Decking projects are generally completed within 8 weeks, but may vary based on the scope of work and availability of materials.

How will I know what my project will look like?

We provide 3D visuals during the consultation process so you can see what your projet will look like. We can adjust the color and design to show you many options and how they will look installed.

What do I need to do next?

Complete our contact form and a salesperson will get in touch of you to schedule your onsite consultation.


Contact us to request an estimate.