Walkway Construction & Installation

When value through quality matters more.

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Define your landscape with a striking stone walkway that welcomes you or your guests right to your door. Custom walkways add noticeable curb appeal and contributes to the flow of your yard. 

We spend time with our customers understanding their taste and style so they get a walkway that not only looks great, but also holds up fo decades. Our dedicated customer service means we provide tailored service and excellent communication at every step along the way.

The end product is a classy, yet functional feature that makes your yard look amazing!


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Your investment in a walkway begins with laying the right foundation. When the foundation is built correctly, you can be sure to enjoy the walkway for many decades without worry of issues.

Then, high-quality pavers (with lifetime warranties) are strategically placed with elegant patterns and styles. We offer hundreds of varieties to choose from so you get exactly what you like. These paver walkways are easy to care for and will hold up to normal use.

You’ll be sure to get many positive comments from friends and guests!

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#8 or #57 stone base foundation without sand bedding.

Does not provide proper base compaction or proper paver interlock. Does not meet ICPI installation standards. Ensures a low cost end product.

4-6'' of CR-6 or RC-6 base foundation with sand bedding. 

Installed to current ICPI standards. Provides proper paver interlock.

Plastic snap edge restraint with spikes.

Residential grade edge restraint. Subject to premature paver migration.

Rebar reinforced concrete edging.

Commercial grade edge restraint ensuring no lateral migration.

Standard fill sand.

Subject to seed germination. Requires ongoing maintenance. Subject to premature joint erosion.

Polymeric fill sand standard on all installs. Semi permanent top fill.

Limits any surface germination. Limits insect presence.

Soil stabilization.

Minimum plate compaction. Subject to base settling along home foundations. Subject to sitting wall foundation failures.

Mechanic Soil Stabilization

Ensures proper compaction within soil characteristics. Horizontal soil compaction (Vibratory plate tamper). Vertical soil compaction (Jumping jack tamper). Separation fabric used during poor soil conditions.


Serpentine paver sidewalk leading to front stoop in the front of house
Glossy finish paver stairs and sidewalk. Wet look, glossy finish.
Glossy finish, wet look paver sidewalk s-shape leading to home | Woodbine, MD
Stone veneer on front of home exterior wall
natural stone stairway and sidewalk along retaining wall adjacent to driveway
New sidewalk installed in Jarrettsville MD
Paver sidewalk connecting to parking area
Glossy finish, wet look paver sidewalk s-shape leading to home | Woodbine, MD
White and gray paver sidewalk running along the side of a house
Sidewalk constructed in Bel Air MD
Wet look, glossy finish paver sidewalk leading from front yard to the back yard
brown natural stone paver walkway connecting deck to basement stairwell | Kingsville, MD

How long are warranties on paver walkways?

Out paver walkway projects have a 3 year warranty on labor plus a lifetime transferrable manufacturer's warranty on the pavers.

How soon can you start my walkway project?

Your project will be scheduled within the next available time slot. Walkway projects are generally completed within 8 weeks, but may vary based on the scope of work and availability of materials.

How will I know what my project will look like?

We provide 3D visuals during the consultation process so you can see what your projet will look like. We can adjust the color and design to show you many options and how they will look installed.

What do I need to do next?

Complete our contact form and a salesperson will get in touch of you to schedule your onsite consultation.


Contact us to request an estimate.